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P.2 Reading Day



 P.2 Reading Day

        Promoting reading is one of our major concerns of the school policies. We believe that reading helps us understand ourselves better. Reading makes us smarter. It helps open up our mind, and understand the different positive aspects of life. Reading is also the best form of self-educating ourselves, and there are no limits or boundaries to what we can learn and become. With the help of Grade 7 middle school students and the support of their enthusiastic teaching staff from International Christian School (ICS), we have successfully held P.2 Reading Day on 2nd February, 2018.
        The Reading Day lasted for almost two hours. After our P.2 students had sung a welcome song, each ICS student was invited to do a shared reading with one or two of our students. Then they played some language games which designed by the ICS students. Our students were highly motivated in this wonderful moment.
        Let’s share our students’ happiness, enjoyment and pleasure during the P.2 Reading Day:
Pic 1
Let’s take a photo together! J

 MG 5960 Our students really enjoyed so much to do the shared reading with the big sisters and brothers.

 MG 5963
 MG 5979

 MG 5982

Big brothers and sisters played card games with our students. Some of the games were designed by them. They were very interesting. All of us had fun on Reading Day!

 MG 5996  

 MG 5998